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Private Label Templates

Surefire Sellers: Vol 4

Surefire Sellers: Vol 4

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Ready, Set, Publish: Skip the Work with High-Quality Pre-Made Books!

With this package, you can break into five evergreen niches without having to spend hours designing your layouts or researching the market.  Because I've done all the work for you!  

Tailored for Amazon KDP with a minimum of 100 pages, these beautifully-crafted books are also easy to transform into printables for Etsy—and beyond!

Every book & printable pack in this collection was designed in PowerPoint. You'll receive source files, as well as ready-to-upload versions.

Here are the 5 included packages:

Niche #1: Daily Affirmations for Mothers

As an ever-growing sector of the self-help industry, positive affirmation journals are used by people to promote mental and emotional well-being, increase self-confidence, and foster an overall sense of positivity.

The demand for journals and workbooks related to positive affirmations is very high, and many people are willing to pay for quality products. 

Niche #2: Pregnancy Journals for New Dads

These special (and hard-to-find) journals provide first-time dads with a space to express their thoughts and feelings during a pregnancy.

can be invaluable for helping new fathers process their emotions as they prepare to become a father.

This book is 150 pages long with includes pages for all weeks of pregnancy.

You can also repurpose this journal to focus on other segments of this niche, such as grandparents and so much more.

Niche #3: Questions for Mothers

Journals like Questions for My Mother help to foster a deeper level of understanding and connection between mothers and their children by giving them a space to share their own stories and experiences.

This can be a great way for mothers to pass on their wisdom and values to their children, which can be invaluable in teaching children important life lessons.

Niche #4: Crochet Logbook: Hobby Niche

This 100-page logbook will sell all year round, but especially during the winter months when more people are working indoors on projects. 

Niche #5: Thoughts & Emotions Workbooks (for Teens)

These "Thoughts & Feelings Logbooks" are geared towards kids (ages 8+) and are designed to provide a safe space for kids to express themselves. 

Writing in a journal can help kids to process their daily thoughts, and serve as an outlet for them to express their feelings without fear of judgment.

Note: All of this content was designed for you!

You'll receive both commercial-use rights as well as private label rights, which allows you to customize, edit and sell as your own!

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    Rebecca M. Porter

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    "The quality of any of Kate's products is always outstanding! The content is well-written and the templates are designed to sell. My most recent purchase fit perfectly with what I needed for my project. It saved me so much time!"

    Gina Williams

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